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Summer Trail Cam Placement

Now that you have a camera that takes great photos, it’s time to do your part.  Camera placement is absolutely critical!  For example, I have different setups for my treestands depending on what time of the year I will be hunting and your trail cams are no different.  For an easy reference be sure to checkout Cuddeback’s GamePlan which is a seasonal system for finding the big bucks with your Cuddeback.

Right now you’re probably like me and are counting the days until the opening day of deer hunting.  If so, seeing which bucks roaming your property might make that hunting itch worse, but that’s ok.  It’s all part of the fun!  Your mid-summer photos are really a great way to take an inventory of what bucks made it through the winter on your property and compare photos from the year prior.  It’s also a great time to checkout how much their antlers have grown from the past season!

To ensure you are getting the best photos possible, first check to see if you can put out mineral blocks in your state.  If so, this is a great way to gather all the deer to a specific location, even the wariest bucks!  Place your camera about 10 feet off the lick and keep it about waist high.  This will not only give you perfect photos of your deer in the area but salt and minerals are great for your deer heard!

Another great place to setup your cameras is over anything green.  This can be alfalfa, growing beans, or clover.  Deer really like to come to these food sources early in the year and you better plan on getting a ton of photos.  I like to put a larger card in my camera so there is no need to check it too often regardless of how many deer are coming by.  In fact I usually check my camera every other week, but never more than once a week.

Post mounts allow you to place your Cuddeback anywhere! No tree, No problem!

When it’s time to check your cameras, especially during the summer you want to get in and out as fast as possible.  Bugs are usually terrible, it’s extremely hot, and if you’re like me you just want to get your photos and get out without leaving a ton of extra scent!  To make the best use of my time I do one of two things.  Either I bring my Cuddeview right in the field to download my photos onto a new card while I’m walking or I do a card swap where I keep a cleared SD card in my pocket and switch it out.  Either way works fine, but with the Cuddeview you can keep  busy going from one camera to the next by checking over your photos right in the field!

With the Cuddeview you can check your images in the field and download the card on the move.

So now that you have found some mature bucks, how can your cameras help for hunting?  Many states have opening day early enough that you can still catch bucks in their summer feeding patterns and now your Cuddeback becomes even more important.  Sure, you may know that one particular field is attracting a ton of deer, but the most important part is figuring out where the bucks are entering the field so you can setup accordingly.  You may only have a few days before the deer break their summer patterns, so you want to have all your ducks in a row on opening day for you best chance at a bruiser!





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