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  1. I am interested in the image management software but I have a mac. Will the software be made available for mac OS?

  2. I run a outfitting business in Ohio and run a lot of cameras of different makes. Cuddyback Attack IR has provided me a camera that works in all conditions of the year. After the season was over, I put the cameras on 1 min and shut of video. That was late January. June 15th I pulled cameras and the they still had 10% left on 4 D batteries (wow!) and a full 4G card that was full. After doing my maintenance, a couple cameras were not functioning properly. So I called cuddyback got a RMA number and within a week, opened a box with one brand new camera and the other refurbished. Wow, great customer service too. What more can you ask of a company .
    Thank you, Scott ward

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